One Little Word- 2019

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I’ve been participating in selecting One Little Word each year for the past few years. I love the idea. I’ve tried resolutions before, and like most people, I fail. With one little word, it’s not about succeeding (or failing), but about living.

Most years, I spend most of January testing out different words. This year was easy. My One Little Word for 2019 speaks to what was difficult in 2018 and how I’m determined to live in 2019.


After a nightmare of a year health-wise, Breathe envelops both my physical needs and the way I intend to approach the year ahead. With daily yoga practice and mindfulness of the power of my breath, I hope to live with greater clarity and vision.

Before talking- breathe.
Before deciding- breathe.
Before reacting- breathe.
Before becoming overwhelmed- breathe.
Before worrying- breathe.
Before giving advice- breathe.

Surely, I will add more situations to this list. For now, I’m grateful to be able to take full breaths of this beautiful life.


One Little Word- 2019

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