New Shoes

solWhat is it about new shoes? I definitely had a “shoe thing” when I was younger. Then came the kids, and my affinity for shoes and fashion turned to an affinity for baby hats and kids’ fashion. Mostly.

A few months ago, I stumbled upon the most delightful pair at a second hand shop. I entered the shop with my daughter, and immediately my eyes found them. What were the chances that they’d be my size exactly? What were the chances that the heel height would be just right~ not too high? What were the chances that the beautiful rose-colored leather would match with so many things in my wardrobe.

Needless to say, they are now mine, and every time I wear them I hear “I love your shoes!” all. day. long. Seriously, last week two custodians simultaneously complimented them. It made me laugh!

Yesterday, my son Luke took himself shopping for new shoes for his gym class that started today. It was strange sending my baby with my credit card and a spending limit to shop for himself. He even went to a Nike Outlet in order to save money. He found the shoes in record time, and came home with a big smile on his face.

This kid has been pushing some limits lately, flexing his independence muscles. I could tell that he was proud of this successful shopping trip. And I definitely recognized that I have new shoes glow on his face.

At the end of the day, Luke fell sound asleep on the couch. He may be 17, but in that moment, I smiled, seeing his inner 4-year-old, curled up on his mom’s couch. With his new shoes on.

New Shoes

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