It’s been one of those aimless Saturdays:sol

Lazy awakening
Homegrown breakfast
School board phone call
Writing Project correspondence
Goat hoof trimming
Clean kitchen
Wine with lunch while still in pajamas
Chatting with Chloe
Yoga with dogs
Bath with Moroccan salts
Book- delicious and witchy
Noodles with husband, youngest and pal
Wolverine- too violent for me
Martini and John Denver documentary- much more my style
More dog playtime
The promise of returning soon to the same comfy bed

Sometimes I find these kinds of days unfulfilling and frustrating. But today I feel accomplished. I nurtured my inner self, my relationships, took steps toward completing unhappy tasks, stood my ground, shared tender moments with my pets and found entertainment in books, big screen and spirits.

Life is delicious.


One thought on “Aimless

  1. Terje says:

    Reading your list it seems to me you had the just right balance of getting home things done and taking care of yourself. Goat hoof trimming and yoga with dogs are unexpected. The bath and the book sound the best for relaxing.


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