In like a lion…

solYesterday, I awoke to grey skies and cold rain. I spent two hours at one school and left to a sea of white. A beautiful sea of white.

The snow was unexpected- by me. It was double what was expected for those who tolerated the news the night before. As usual, I heard plenty of complaining.

I’m on my 4th winter of promising to myself not to complain about Wisconsin winters. Compared to giving up sugar, committing to exercise, and not opening wine mid-week, giving up complaining is easy as pie. Sigh.

So when the snow finally tapered off, my husband, 17 year-old and I ventured out to clean up the driveway. The snow was heavy, the snow blower wasn’t working properly, but under all those stars in the black sky, the world was beautiful.

We seized the moment. Our dogs frolicked, I celebrated the bonus workout, and our son began digging and building. I can’t explain the joy I felt at watching our youngest son- the last kid left at home- as he played in the snow.

For our Luke, it’s the most stressful week ever. The practice ACT, the ACT, the Work Keys (ACT), and today- FINALS! Thank goodness for that snow… for fresh air… for pets… for play.

There’s so much to be grateful for. When it comes to nature, I’ll never complain!

In like a lion…

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