Celebrating Books & Readers

solHow do your schools celebrate Read Across America week? I’ve worked in a few schools, and more often than not, the week is celebrated in ways that don’t focus on reading. Weird, right? It’s true, though. We make reading-related crafts, host dress-up days, eat green eggs and ham and have Dr. Seuss birthday cake.

Today, we did have a super reader dress-up day, but more importantly, we hosted our first ever school-wide book swap. Kudos to our reading committee to being open to trying something new, and even more gratitude to our reading specialists for organizing this event.

Starting a few weeks ago, students were invited to donate a book or two. The books were sorted, a schedule was created, and today we held the big event. Teachers brought their classes to our large group instruction area, where books were spread out across tables, inviting a new pair of hands and eyes.

Every child left with a new to you book.

I loved this day for plenty of reasons:

  1. JOY- kids were downright excited about shopping for and reading a new book!
  2. COMMUNITY- I heard kids saying, This is a great book for Alexa!  They helped one another choose books and after they’d chosen they clumped together, reading their books to one another with no direction to do so.
  3. SHARING- Books are meant to be shared. When students couldn’t decide, or wished they’d gotten a book that a friend chose, we simply encouraged them to read the book they had and then to swap with their friends when they were ready to do so.
  4.  GIVING- We celebrated the fact that so many had given a book for this event. I know we’ll have even more success next year. We have enough books left over that we’ll be able to get books into kids’ hands this summer.
  5. READING- Dressing up, making book marks and eating cake are all fun. But so is reading. We were all reminded about finding magic in a book today.
Celebrating Books & Readers

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Books & Readers

  1. We also celebrated Read Across America today, too! We invited our middle school students to come dressed as a favorite character. If they did, they were entered into a raffle for Barnes & Noble gift certificates. But more importantly, we extended our homeroom to include 40 minutes of sustained reading time! Like you said, the reading part is the important part! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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