I’ve been practicing breathing with my daily yoga practice. “Listen to the sound of your breath,” Adriene says. It sounds a little goofy, and if you’re doing the lion’s breath, it also looks goofy. But, the remarkable thing is that by focusing on breathing, you are able to clear your head, focus on what matters, and see things [your day, your life, your difficult pose] in a new way.

Betsy DeVos was just confirmed as our country’s Secretary of Education. By now we all know who she is, what she stands for, and how she “earned” the position. I’m pissed. I grieve. I want to give up- despite all the opposition, she was confirmed. How will we ever block any other nominee?

A dear friend reminded me, though, that revolution doesn’t happen in a day. The rights that we hold as Americans took years, decades, protests, fights, wars. Now is not a time for dwelling in feelings of defeat.

Back to the lion’s breath. According to

Lion’s breath is the breathing technique, or pranayama, which goes with simhasana, or lion pose. It is a powerful breathing method that includes a forceful exhalation. The name refers to the fierce lion-like expression of the yogi’s face and the roaring sound of the breath made when performing this pranayama. This breathing technique and the associated pose are well-known for their ability to reduce stress and anger through the active release of tension with the exhale…

Lion’s breath stimulates the manipura chakra, and may also improve self-esteem and feelings of empowerment.

Instead, I will take a deep breath, remember who I fight for, focus on actions I can take and with my exhale, I resolve to resist with all my energy.


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