Something’s Buzzing

Transferring the nuc loaded with bees into the new bee box. It was heavy!

I don’t request your typical Mother’s Day gifts~ no fancy brunch or heart-shaped necklaces for me. Last year, it was goats. This year… bees!

I’ve been planning on adding bees to my little farm since we bought this property, but it’s been nearly four years. It was time. My husband built this hive from a kit (which he modified already), I painted it, and we picked up a nuc (nucleus colony) this Sunday. I’ve been reading up a storm in order to prepare, and there’s still so much I don’t know. But this is how I learn best… diving in, learning from others who are doing the same, and ready to make a mistake or two along the way.

I shared this with a little guy, 7 years old, who I’ve been working with on reading. I told him that I knew beekeeping would be challenging, but I had a dream to do this, so I needed to read as much as I could to find out. I wasn’t sure he was listening. Yesterday as we went out to read and write together, he handed me a tiny cardboard book titled Bees. It was a baby book, but he read it to me beautifully. What a powerful moment it was.. he thought about me, found this book, shared it with me and helped me learn more.

I’m so happy that I shared both my passion and my learning process with him. As educators, we often say, “they just don’t listen!” I think it’s safe to assume that usually, they are!


Here the nuc is completely installed. I’m watching as the remaining bees in the box begin to catch on that they have a new home. 



Something’s Buzzing

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