Little Girls

I had my nieces overnight last night. Ivy is 10, Willow nearing 8, and Coral is 4… and I am wiped out! It’s amazing and beautiful how three sisters can have such differing personalities. Together, they remind me of some important life lessons.

Ivy is a dancer, a songwriter, a violinist and practicing comedian. Her newest line of stand-up involves wondering if her friend’s popcorn bowl also doubles as a “puke bucket.” Hmmm. We also thoroughly enjoyed watching her dance around the house. Ivy is intuitive, wise beyond her years, and nosy as heck. She reminds me to laugh, dance, and to mind my words, because someone is ALWAYS listening!

Willow is the tough girl. Stubborn as a mule, she’s also a goof and a great helper. She woke up ready to do the science kits they brought along. There we were, early in the morning out on my back porch, cracking open geodes! She returned the love by helping my husband split wood a bit later. Willow reminds me to be sensitive, inquisitive, and always ready for opposing opinions:)

Coral is also hilarious, but also the sweetheart of the family. We usually have to play games to get her to eat, and one of our games that dates  back to my little brother is Peter Rabbit. Mom fills a fork, and we all look under the table to see if Peter Rabbit is around, and miraculously the food disappears! Today, she said, “You can look, but it isn’t me!” She would take a bite, chew, swallow, and then open her mouth and say, “See! It wasn’t me!” A few minutes later she’s holding my face in her hands, giving the sweetest kisses. This one reminds me to cherish sweet moments… they’re gone in a flash!

How sweet it is to spend time with these girls. Even my teenage boys (and husband boy) can’t resist their charm, their energy, their laughter. They were exactly what I needed this weekend- a reminder not to take life too seriously, to escape reality every now and then, and to show sweet affection to those we love.

sol #SOL16 Day 6


Little Girls

One thought on “Little Girls

  1. ericamcmo says:

    Oh- I just love this snapshot of your nieces’ differing personalities. As a mom of two young boys, I hope to develop close relationships with my three nieces as they grow older. My aunt is one of the relatives I am most closest too and since both my parents passed away when I was a young adult, she fills the role well. Aunts are very special! Thanks for sharing.

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