Musical Lift #SOL16 Day 4

I made a deal with myself two years ago. It was a frigid winter in Wisconsin. People were complaining. Complaining, complaining, complaining! I hated the complaining so much more than the cold, that I vowed not to complain about the weather. Not even once.

It’s been two years and three winters, and I’ve maintained my positivity around winter. Every day, I find some appreciation. The feel of the crisp air, the warmth of my house, the sunrises and sunsets, snow-covered yards and trees. No bugs!

But yesterday, I started to feel tired of it all. I have to drag warm water out to the barn for my goats, I worry about them at night, we had more snow this week and there’s even more on the way this weekend. Negativity started to creep in. I considered complaining.

Before I had the chance to verbalize it, however, I hopped into my car and my friends on my favorite radio station reminded me that even though I might be feeling dragged down, there’s always a reason to look ahead. The weather will change, green will re-emerge, and soon enough I’ll be worried that my goats are too hot. Right?

This morning, the deejay must have been feeling similar to me, and I’m glad she was because “Summertime” by the Sundays gave me a much needed lift AND a little trip down memory lane as a bonus. Now you can enjoy it too.. here you go!

Musical Lift #SOL16 Day 4

3 thoughts on “Musical Lift #SOL16 Day 4

  1. Kudos for your positivity! I certainly wouldn’t have been able to sustain it for so long. Spring is just around the corner – or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.


  2. I loved reading your post and your purpose of staying positive! It is so easy to fall into the negativity isn’t it? Thank you for reminding us all, it is our choice. We can make it + or -. Glad you heard your song just in time!!


  3. Natasha Labaze says:

    Thank you for sharing. I hope the snow was not too bad this weekend. I hope the goats remained warm. Was it Maya Angelou who said, “If you cannot change the situation, change your attitude”? I love your positive attitude.


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