solDay #17

Today I met with my middle school writing club. New to the district, I missed my group of young writers, so I gathered a few new writers during NaNoWriMo and we’ve been writing together once or twice per month ever since. It’s seriously my favorite time of the day and of the school week! I challenged all writers to add a scene today that involved luck. Maybe a lucky moment, a lucky token, a feeling of luckiness, or even a character named Lucky!

I, thinking about my daughter who is home from college, thought I’d write about her. Unfortunately, she’s home, but we don’t see her because she’s working as a CNA on 2nd shift. We’re sleeping by the time she gets home, and we’re long gone by the time she wakes up. Nevertheless, the word luck had me thinking about how she’s grown up to be a remarkable young woman, and we’re proud that she’s our girl.

We got lucky with Chloe.EK_0096

Sure, the beginning was tough. There we were, practically kids ourselves with a colicky baby. Babyhood was difficult~ she didn’t sleep alone, she woke up several times in the night, she wouldn’t take a bottle, she got teeth at three and a half months!

But before we knew it, she was pulling up on furniture, saying ball and it’s good! Chloe was the apple of not only her parents’ eyes, but also of our entire families’ eyes and our awestruck friends’ eyes. See, she was the first~ child, grandchild, great and great-great grandchild, niece, baby in many of their lives. She filled the role splendidly, making everyone smile, bringing the families together without trying.

As a toddler, she had her moments, especially after Noel was born. She regressed in potty training, fought bedtime in her big girl bed, repeated what she heard on Days of our Lives, calling me a “bit” when I wouldn’t buy her Fruit Loops.

Schooltime started soon enough, and she was the sweetie in her teachers’ classrooms. In first grade she confessed that Jacob was always staring at her, and the teasing about her first crush began. She was a natural at gymnastics, and not so motivated in soccer.

Do you know how fast the next twelve years flew by?

There were sock hopsEK_0088 one day,

457112_3483018848005_25727988_oand prom the next.

First day of school outfits to first year at college supplies.Lindsay and Lauren playdates to Tori and Elle roommates.

Last night, as she told me about her friend who’s in love and the elderly woman she took care of at the nursing home, I was struck by the beauty of this girl. No more colic, no longer a little girl- but a woman-dedicated to her studies, hoping to make a difference in this world with her caring heart.

10933896_898078230214199_3305459932241678615_n (2)I’m in love with who she is now, as much as, and even more, than I was on the day of her birth. I love you, Chloe!


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