This guy joined our lives just a little more than a year ago. He was a rescue from a hoarding situation. 30 dogs… 1 human. He didn’t know how to act around people; he was even skittish with Winter, the most playful pup ever.


When he first came home, he’d hide in places we couldn’t go. Behind a fireplace, underneath the piano or the television credenza. We had to keep a leash on him inside the house so that we could take him outside. If we were able to corner him, his body would harden, literally petrified to be touched.

Those first few months were the worst. Once we trusted him to stay in the yard, we’d let him out to use the yard with Winter, but to get him back in the house was another story. We’d have to open the door and hide, often luring him from the porch to the living room with some kind of treat. In below zero temps, our door would stay open for 10 minutes or more while we waited. Patience.

Nanook was not the dog we’d planned on; who knew a dog could act so strange? It was well over 6 months before he started to act friendly. By friendly, I mean he would let us pet him if he approached us, usually for food. He still doesn’t let us approach him, but he’s learning. I don’t need to corner him anymore to get a leash on him for a walk. Sure he still runs away, but once he’s to the door, he sits (still stiff) while I attach the leash.

Recently, he really surprised me. Winter will often jump into bed to wake me in the morning. That morning, there were 4 extra legs in my bed, plus a cold nose on my face letting me know it was time to get up. I couldn’t grab my camera fast enough, but I know it happened, and this morning it happened once more.

People told us in the beginning that he would come around. I don’t think he’ll ever be a typical pup, but he’s taught us to practice patience.sol


3 thoughts on “Patience…

  1. Patience, indeed! It sounds like you really get where this pup is at and will give him time to fit into your life. Lucky Nanook.
    I like how you closed the piece, which made me re-read the last part to see what I missed. Yep, Nanook’s coming round.


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