Writing Retreat

What a treat to retreat for the weekend with other Writing Project peeps to Upham Woods. We read, we wrote, we hiked, we connected, we renewed ourselves and drank in nature’s gold. There’s much to share, but this little lighthearted piece captured a shared moment that in its simplicity was a highlight of the weekend.

A Squirrel Falls From a Tree

A gathering of writers
perch on a hill overlooking the Wisconsin River.
The sun peers through branches,
a stray slice of ice floats along.

As pens scratch
and pages turn,
red-tailed squirrels scamper
up and around trees,
sometimes leaping from branch to branch.

One pair, noisier than the rest
chirp up a tree
drawing the writers’ eyes
to the top.
The first squirrel jumps, moving on to the next tree.
The second, clearly unaware of its diminutive stature

Writers gasp-
In slow motion the squirrel twists,
limbs outstretched, grasping for branches.
He fails- the onlookers afraid for his fate.

One brave soul leans forward
and assures the others-
It landed on its feet!

A squirrel falls from a tree– and lives.

Writing Retreat

4 thoughts on “Writing Retreat

  1. You are so right a retreat to the wonderful world of nature is refreshing. I did just that myself to the Upper Pennisula of Michigan. So beautiful and it’s a great way to recharge.


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