I’m a part of my local Writing Project’s leadership team. When we meet, we write, talk business, and do some professional reading, discussing and sometimes more writing. For tonight, part of our “homework” was to view Brene Brown’s TED talk on Vulnerability.

It’s 20 minutes well spent. In fact, when most in the group hadn’t watched it, I was glad to be able to watch it again. There are so many good ideas in here, that I thought about it all the way to my meeting (it’s a one hour drive) and all the way back.

In the video, Brown talks about living whole-heartedly, the idea of living with courage (the heart to tell your whole story), compassion and connection. Most interesting to me both personally and professionally were her thoughts on living with vulnerability. That “vulnerability is the core of shame, and fear and the struggle for worthiness, but it appears that it’s also the birthplace of joy, of belonging of love…”

Like Brown, I’d like to see my life as neat and tidy, and I’m always on the quest for perfection. But.. she warns about living this life, particularly with our kids. I’m wrestling with thoughts tonight about setting my expectations too high- for myself and for my family. I guess wrestling is the wrong verb, because what I’m feeling is defeated and simultaneously liberated. I have plenty of which I can let go. Perhaps in doing so, I can lean into joy, as she prescribes… love more fully, accept my own and others’ imperfections, and live more whole-heartedly.

If you can find 20 minutes, I highly recommend this video!


2 thoughts on “Vulnerability

  1. Samantha Marquardt says:

    I haven’t watched this one, but I have watched another one of her TED talks…I wish I could remember the name of it. She reminds us of difficult truths!


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