solI’m getting goats! Baby goats, in fact.  Ernest and Echo were born on Valentine’s Day (their farm has a tradition of E names that we’re keeping for these two), and they’re all I can think about these days.  They won’t be home for another six weeks, and the wait is as if I’m awaiting the arrival of a newborn.

Here I am with Echo when she was just a week old.  As you can see, I’m nothing short of giddy about this! It’s been a dream for a few years, and the stars aligned recently when a friend set me up with these kids’ mom.

11021124_1002042969823273_818335455495999506_nI’ve been reading up a storm to get ready for them. There’s a lot to do: fencing, bedding, feed, minerals, a watering system… I’m up for it. I’m a teacher, a coach and a farmer. I have plenty of naysayers, but I don’t listen to them. I’m not afraid of working hard (I don’t know many teachers who are). I’m also a learner. I don’t believe in waiting until I feel like I know enough before I get started; I learn by doing. To help me along the way, I have a mentor in their “birth mom,” Amy and in my friend Heather.

This has me thinking about my teaching life. It’s not only important that we know our students beyond their school lives, what drives them as learners and as individuals; they should also know us~ how we walk the walk. So much of what we do in life involves learning, researching, planning, thinking, and collaborating. Our students should know that we dream, work hard and ask for help.

I don’t have a classroom of my own anymore, but you can bet that I’ll be sharing this exciting journey with the teachers and students I work with. I teach because I find absolute joy in learning. I’m determined to pass that along to my students.

This photo just in! I can’t resist sharing. So much depends on baby goats beside the large chickens…16196_10153340403091055_3324000157152706474_n


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