Eagle Sighting

It happened! My daughter goes to school over three hours away. Each time we drive her way to pick her up, drop her off or to visit, my eyes are glued to the sky. When we hike the bluffs near her campus, I wait and watch patiently. Her school’s mascot is the eagle, but I’d never spotted one… until today!

We’d just left campus and I was watching over the hills as usual when my father-in-law, looking out the passenger side window yelled “Eagle!” Sure enough, there he soared, his white head obvious, incredible wingspan spread out across the sky.

Just as I imagined, the eagle was majestic. A symbol of strength and freedom.

In that moment, when I expected that I’d wish I were the eagle, instead, I felt joyous that I could see this beauty from my more grounded vantage point.

Eagle Sighting

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