A new office
bigger desk
fewer windows-
less light.

The job done
in thirty minutes flat
I’d never really made myself comfortable-
afraid the job might be temporary.

Now that I’ve moved
I think I might
make myself at home
the job imperfect, but rewarding nonetheless.

A good neighbor helps.


3 thoughts on “Permanence?

  1. I hope you do make yourself at home! It’s so true that no job is perfect, but can still be a good fit for your strengths and interests. The good neighbor sounds promising…

    Janice Ewing


  2. I find it helpful to always have a bit of personal stuff, no matter how small, at my workplace. I work in 5 different schools and like to be able to see something that is mine on the wall or filing cabinet or whatever. It gives me a feeling of happiness, serenity, etc. Is there ever a perfect job?


    1. That’s a good idea. I work between 4 schools and usually it’s in a copy room or in a book room, so having an office in one building is nice, at least. I’m not after perfection, but a sense of belonging would be nice!


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