Savoring Silence

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hIt’s a hectic world in which we live. With three high schoolers, I’m an expert at running.  To practices, to games, to friends and school… go, go, go. The quickness with which we move through life is one thing, but it doesn’t wear on me as much as the volume! On school days, I’ll wait until the last possible moment to wake the kids up; on weekends, I don’t even bother. It’s those quiet moments in the morning, coffee in hand, that I do my best thinking.

This weekend, my boys took their annual journey to the state wrestling tournament.  It’s a weekend I look forward to each year: a weekend of quiet!  I wake up early, take care of chores, do laundry, pay bills and sometimes do the taxes. Sounds heavenly, no? I also read, write, take long baths, cook foods I like, drink wine. I don’t worry, get dressed, run kids around, live life according to a schedule. It’s in the quiet moments I feel at the same time productive and relaxed.

Sure, there’s some initial loneliness in this solitude; a distant feeling that something’s missing. But that feeling quickly subsides as I realize I can hear my inner voice. It sings, actually!  My creativity increases, as does my motivation, and my reflections.

So the moment they come crashing back into my life on early Sunday afternoon, I’m ready. For the noise, the enthusiasm, the arguing (they argue about everything!), the stories, and their videos of the weekend. I appreciate the noise, even though I believe that so much depends upon the silence.

Savoring Silence

13 thoughts on “Savoring Silence

  1. How I love those weekend mornings before anyone else is awake! So much does depend on the silence. I think some of my favorite moments are the rare times when my kids are quiet too and we are all together savoring the silence. Doesn’t happen often!


  2. I so appreciate your post and can so relate. While my children are much younger, I know there are times where the silence, early in the morning or later at night, that help me renew myself. Glad you were able to enjoy a peaceful weekend…we all need that opportunity from time to time!


  3. Jill DeRosa says:

    We need a mix of noise and silence. I find the silence the time that I use to make sense of and reflect on the noise. This is when I do my best work.


  4. Well said. I have to get up at 5:15 am for my silence. On those mornings when I fail to drag myself out of bed, I always regret it. My day is always better and more productive when I have my quiet time! Thank you for your post!


  5. I love this piece. I cherish my moments of solitude too. And even on weekends I get up early so I can sit in silence and think, read, write or whatever. Thank you.


  6. I love the style of this piece. It flows naturally, welcoming us to see into the hectic reality that must typify each day. Then you contrast it with the tranquility that spurs your inner voice, allowing you to create, and enjoy both worlds. Thank you for sharing!


  7. I am thinking about how the silence could transfer into the classroom. How can we find the balance between talk and savoring that silence as well? Thanks for the food for thought!


    1. I love where you’re going with this. I think I tend to have a higher tolerance for noise in my classroom~ kids need to talk to develop their thinking, but there’s also something beautiful in the near silent times, when all that is heard is the turning of pages!

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